Image of Five Franciscan Martyrs of  La Florida
Image of Five Franciscan Martyrs of  La Florida

Misc Files

Instrumentum Laboris Update Sheet
Here is the Instrumentum Laboris update sheet Submitted by Janice Novello, OFS
Instrumentum Laborus Worksheet due April[...]
Microsoft Word document [15.2 KB]
Centenario - Franciscan Family Conference.
Document from the heads of the entire Franciscan Family on the approaching anniversaries of our common Franciscan Family !
Adobe Acrobat document [9.4 MB]
Fraternity Budgeting - Information and considerations.
Info on Fraternity Budgeting (1).docx
Microsoft Word document [18.0 KB]
Regional Council Job Descriptions
FFMR 2020-G Chapt Elect ALL REC Job Desc[...]
Microsoft Word document [48.0 KB]
Fraternity Council Members Job Descriptions
Fraternity Council Duties.docx
Microsoft Word document [123.0 KB]
The Wandering Cross Vocations Ministry Booklet
provided by Karen Szczesniak
2021 THE WANDERING CROSS updated.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [983.2 KB]
How To Enable Closed Captioning in Zoom Meetings
This document shows how to enable Closed Captioning in Zoom ( also has a link to the Zoom Knowlegebase article. )
Microsoft Word document [12.9 KB]
The Care and Feeding of a Fraternity Council
The nuts and bolts of the Fraternity council including the all important " Know when to call the Doctor" section !
Adobe Acrobat document [620.7 KB]
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