The mission of the Five Franciscan Martyrs Region
of the Secular Franciscan Order is to walk in the Spirit of
St. Francis of Assisi, by bringing gospel to life and life to the gospel and promoting a sanctified family.

July 19th, 2018                              St. Clare Celebration
To my fellow Secular Franciscan Ministers, to all of your members and to our Regional Officers,

In early April, I sent out invitations to most of you.  Some of you are new to office since then and for a few others, I did not have your contact information at that time.  Regardless, the invitation still stands and we need to hear back from you if you or members of your Fraternity will be attending.      Click to continue   (see August 11, 2018)

Please print this page for the whole year
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Our Franciscan Sister Karen has shared another one of her "jewels."  It is the "The Wandering Cross - Franciscan Vocation."  Basically, one member of the fraternity takes this booklet home and says the prayers everyday for a month.  At the following monthly gathering a different member takes it home, etc.  There is a wonderful explanation written in the booklet itself and the prayer is primarily the Franciscan Crown.  The Intention is more VOCATIONS!  Their fraternity has be blessed with multiple vocations every single year for the past 4 years!

A nicely designed Vocation Ministry booklet
2014-2018 The Wandering Cross Franciscan[...]
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    The Secular Franciscan Order, formerly known as the Third Order of St. Francis, is an official Order within the Catholic Church, established by St. Francis of Assisi himself early in the thirteenth century.

   Ordinarily, we do not live in community; rather, we live with our families and perform our jobs out in the world, gathering in fraternities on a regular basis. On the one hand, our fraternity is the whole world; on the other hand, our local fraternity, our home-based faith community if you will, is the world where we work out our salvation AND the salvation of our sisters and brothers.

   By profession, we promise to follow a Rule of Life approved and confirmed by Pope Paul VI in June of 1978. You may read this Rule and the General Constitutions of the Secular Franciscan Order on this website.

   The Rule and Constitutions might be a good place for you to begin your online inquiry. You might like to read more about St. Francis from numerous websites, including the one given above. You may pick up your phone and call 1-800-FRANCIS for more information. You might click on this list of Regions and Fraternities across the whole United States (http://www.nafra-sfo.org/regions.html) and see if you can find a fraternity near you to visit. You might email the Regional Minister for more details.


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