Image of Five Franciscan Martyrs of  La Florida
Image of Five Franciscan Martyrs of  La Florida

Files and Information from the 2023 Annual Meeting 



Father Francis

I insist.

Please tell me how we are to replace

Those who have gone to their eternal place.

What must we do dearest Father, to attract

More people who will want to follow you in the act

Of self giving

While they are still living.

So many lights went out tonight

They did so without a fight.

Help us to know what we must do

To attract souls who want to follow you.

Must it be the way we live?

All our love to Jesus we freely give.

These vigil lights represent those who have gone

Their earthly life is finished and done.

Lord Jesus can You match or replace

Each candle with new ones to adore Your Holy Face.

Just leave it to Me, as Francis did

I will call so many new ones My glory must not be hid.

So just keep on living the gospel life

Wether or not you have a wife.

I will take care of the rest, just wait and see

Brothers and Sisters just trust in Me.

I am in charge

My heart is so very large.

Like Francis just love, love, love

My Father will be so pleased up above.

So Jesus do Your thing

Your praises we will forever sing. 



-Jeannett Grant , OFS 

After the Memorial Service for the Franciscans who have passed  ( June 2023) 

Shared by permission


Instumentum Laboris Presentation - Part I
This presentation for the Instrumentum Laboris, given by Janice Novello, OFS at the Regional Retreat on June 3, 2023 - ( Part II to follow )
Instrumentum laboris Part 1 website.pptx
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