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From: Jan Parker OFS [NAFRA-L] <>
Date: Sat, Mar 24, 2018 at 8:10 PM
Subject: [NAFRA-L] NEC Report to NAFRA - March 2018 - Part I
To: NAFRA-L <>



Beloved Sisters and Brothers,
Greetings and peace!
Attached is Part I of a report from the National Executive Council (NEC).  Part II will be sent early next week.
I have also attached our OFS-USA logo for your use.  See the report for details.
On a personal note, Br. Alexander and I just returned last Monday from a trip to visit our brothers and sisters in Hawaii and Guam.  It was pretty incredible to travel halfway around the world!  Stopping in Hawaii on the way to Guam was a plus --  we were able to visit with some of the Regional Executive Council members of Ohana O Ke Anunue Region -- (what a beautiful welcome, and generous hospitality, and so great to be with them!) -- and this stop also helped us adjust to the time change as we traveled on to Guam.  
After four wonderful and full days on the beautiful island of Guam, we traveled straight home.  For me it was 16 hours in the air, with just 2 layovers of 2 hours each.  What was most strange was traveling back in time!  This journey truly helped me appreciate the sacrifice the Violet, Vincent and Ben have made the past five years that they have traveled to our NAFRA Chapter.  The brothers and sisters of the emerging St. Padre Pio Fraternity in Guam are amazing and inspiring ... and what hospitality!  I am thankful for the love, joy and providence we experienced each day of this journey, and all along the way.
Let us continue to pray for each other, especially for those who have recently asked for our prayers, and let us also thank God for our wonderful National Family!
May we be blessed by the beauty of Holy Week, and the love of our Redeemer and Savior, Jesus!
Peace and every good!
Your sister and minister, 
P.S. The next issue of the TAU-USA should be out before the end of April.  Thanks, Jim!n Parker OFS
Minister, Secular Franciscan Order USA

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Part 2 to follow soon
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