Easter Wishes

O Blessed Easter!
O Blessed Easter,
Holy morning of glad “Rabounni!”
When trembling turned to triumph
As stone and doubt were rolled away,
How we celebrate you,
Taking our cue
From the sublime audacity of Sister Earth,
Whose lilies and lilacs, tulips and twigs have, too,
Sprung from shattered sepulchers trumpeting,
“This is the day!  This is the day!”
Earth’s sweet bouquets bringing grace to every place
Adorning altars, homes, hearts.
O Blessed Easter,
You have watered us, your garden,
You nurture green
Shoots of hope within us,
We breathe in, soak up, and pray to blossom
Your joy, your freshness, your life!
O Blessed Easter,
Carry us now as the luscious splendor of spring’s dawn
Dissolves into the full light of summer,
As days grow long, O Easter, stay with us
With your last and lasting gracious gifts
Of pardon, peace and mercy!
Dear Sisters and Brothers,
Alleluia!  Jesus, our brother is Risen!  
His Love endures forever! 
Let us never stop singing.
Easter Blessings of peace, love and joy,
Jan Parker OFS
Minister, Secular Franciscan Order USA
Renewed and Confirmed: Live the Treasure!
Celebrating 40 Years of our OFS Rule

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