From the National Fraternity (NAFRA)


July 9, 2017


Dear National Family,

May the Lord bless us with peace!


I write to you today from the Secular Franciscan Summer Seminar at Saint Francis University in Loretto, Pennsylvania.  If you have been to this campus in the past you know what a beautiful and peaceful place it is.  Our gifted presenters for this seminar are Mary Stronach OFS and Carolyn Townes OFS. The topic is timely – Multiculturalism and Diversity.


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Explanation of various levels of fraternities


As noted elsewhere, the Secular Franciscan Order has an International Fraternity consisting of a Minister General, Vice-Minister General and various other officers. Each Nation represented has an "International Councilor" linking our headquarters to those National Fraternities, one per Nation.


Regional Fraternities head larger geographical areas under each National Fraternity.  Only larger Nations employ these Regional groups. International, National and Regional Fraternities are executive bodies. The "home fraternities" found in hundreds of cities and towns have representatives on the executive boards of the Regional fraternities.

About 200 reflections written by Fred Schaeffer, ofs have been added to the Divine Mercy S.F. website. There's a lot of good spiritual reading there. Please enjoy!

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